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At Sankofa Creative Interiors, we customize for the customer. In the design or redesign of your interior spaces, we believe that intelligent design does not need to break the bank. We pride ourselves on establishing sincere relationships with clients, where identifying, articulating, and realizing your goals is a shared priority. Ultimately, we create aesthetically beautiful, functional spaces that bring wellness into your daily life.

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full design

Whether you're remodeling your first home or embarking upon a new office construction, bringing on an interior design firm is the difference between project success and failure. Most people know what they like when they see it, so we see ourselves as translators. Taking your functional, aesthetic, and health-oriented goals to create interiors that speak to you.

project size

All project sizes are welcome, from a single living room to an entire office building. We work with clients to determine an achievable project scope and timeline.

budget prep

Budget is everything. Using a collaborative attitude, we work closely with clients to craft a budget that provides structure—instead of disappointments.


Timeline delays and revisions are expensive. At Sankofa Interiors, we prioritize open communication from idea to design to installation, to ensure projects stay on track.



Redesign is defined as the art of using existing elements in a home to give the owner a fresh, new, designer look — without necessarily having to buy a thing. Our redesign service provides cosmetic improvements to update and upgrade your home using what's already there.

We all know the saying “love waxes and wanes." It's especially true of the home. Most surveys show that the average person wants to change their space every five to seven years, whether it's changing colors, furniture, or a total new décor. The redesign process addresses every element of your living environment, including art curation, furniture placement, décor coloring and textures, and more. We work closely with clients to determine how to reinvent your dwelling and decide if some key new items are what's needed.

When it comes to homes, we can help you fall in love all over again.



At Sankofa Creative Interiors, we activate the relationships between nature, psychological well-being, and interior design. This can be as simple as adding plants to your window sill or moving a desk closer to the window for natural light. Our approach is grounded in data-driven research on sustainability, neuroscience, and behavioral ecology.

Let your life, work, and play spaces become living environments, through vegan and biophilic design.

vegan design

Everyone can benefit from vegan design. By identifying and sourcing cruelty-free materials, home products, and chemicals, Sankofa Creative Interiors creates living environments where your holistic well-being is the priority. Imagine a space that feels as good as it looks, and brings a sense of wellness to you and your community.

biophilic design

Biophilic design is an approach to architecture that seeks to connect building occupants more closely to nature. Biophilic designed spaces incorporate things like natural lighting and ventilation, natural landscape features and other elements for creating a more productive and healthy built environment for people.



The color palette of your home has a real impact on your state of mind. Sankofa Creative Interiors works at the intersection of color theory and psychology to introduce clients to colors that feel refreshing and familiar. We will guide you through all the technical components of this design process, including color mixing, shade selection, and hue transitions across different rooms. For example, your hosting rooms should have a welcoming visual effect, whereas your bedroom should be filled with colors that feel like "home."

paint purchases

Purchasing paint can be daunting. Let Sankofa Creative Interiors be your guide in selecting the right brand, finish, color, and combination. This might seem like a small-scale service, but the paints you pick have a big impact on your living, working, and socializing spaces.


Whether you're looking for pops of color or muted earth tones throughout, Sankofa is here to bring your dream palette to life. We work with clients to make sure the colors of your furniture, artwork, plants, and decorations all complement one another and serve your well-being.



Selling your house is always stressful — but staging doesn't need to be. In occupied home staging, homeowners remain in their living space during the selling process instead of bringing in unnatural (and expensive) new decor. At Sankofa Creative Interiors, we view occupied staging as a more realistic and humane approach to making your house market ready. We assist you and your realtor in making your living spaces as attractive as possible, to ensure a quick sale above asking price. Our home staging service ushers in excitement with a trouble-free move to your next home.

Letitia Charles

Letitia Charles is the founder and principal of New Haven based Sankofa Creative Interiors and ReDesign, launched in 2021. Letitia is a 2023 graduate of ConnCORP Quinnipiac University Entrepreneurship Academy and Clinic, after receiving her Bachelor of Science Degree in Interior Design in 2013 at the Shintaro Akatsu School of Design at the University of Bridgeport.

Letitia's design sensibility is informed by growing up in her family's catering business. She was often responsible for transforming venues in a matter of hours—whether for a 300-person wedding or the neighborhood's highly anticipated outdoor barbecue. By observing her mother’s boldness and fearless approach to her creative visions, Letitia learned the power of unexpected decisions—like painting the ceiling with a bright, bold color or opening up an entire wall. It was the beginning of her journey to creating functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces for friends, relatives, and associates for the past ten years.

Through her work as a designer for a brick and mortar furniture store, Letitia discovered the joy of collaborating with clients on custom designs. The experience confirmed to Letitia that she offered a unique design perspective, detailed visualization capabilities, and exceptional customer experience. The rest is history.


Like so many interior designers, I am often asked how and why I decided to enter the Interior Design field. Why this path after working in the Criminal Justice field for over 21 years? As much as I would like to credit my family and friends encouraging me to consider designing professionally after years of me offering consultation and assisting them with their projects, I would have to soundly answer that my mother, Rita, was my sole influence.

She was bold, fierce even, in her thought process and approach when it came to home design. Imagine having Strawberry colored wood paneling in your bedroom and teal blue wood paneling in a TV room when others had brown paneling throughout their homes. Yes, this was the 60’s. My mother would eventually complete a correspondence Interior Design Course in the 90’s in order to renovate our home with an Asian theme. She was determined.
I also think of how the public image of the American family was paramount. The expectation to look a certain way and behave a certain way inside and outside one’s home was often expected to mimic one set or rules and one image. I reflect on that time. The expectation of neatness of the home at all times. Your home’s formality was often valued more than your comfort and functionality. The front room or living room for adults only or to look at, doilies under a lamp or any item on a surface, and a dining room that usually was not used or appeared very ornate. Have we changed in how we experience our interior spaces?
I laugh when I think of the show stopper in our home in the 70’s. My mother’s red, black and white themed family room with the couch she had upholstered in faux zebra skin.
For me, my dream house was the Brady Bunch’s house. I later learned that I was not the only one. I also remember watching the Cosby Show. For me, it was not only the anticipation of how Claire dressed and the comedy of the show, but I wanted to know who were the artists of the amazing black artwork that hung on their walls, and the beautiful copper baking molds that hung on the kitchen wall in the Cosby’s house.
The true nexus of the launch of Sankofa Creative Interiors and Professional Redesign was my experience growing up in our family’s catering business. My mother’s culinary talents would lead to she and my father Willie, creating a successful catering business. The planning of every detail, from the setting of the table, which I resented doing as youngster, to matching tableware and linen of the bridal party’s colors, to how guests moved throughout a space, enjoyed each other’s company, and of course the food. This gave me a birds eye view often of human behavior and interaction. What is your favorite bake shop, or eatery? Why is it that you like certain hotel lobbies or entrances? Why is it that the restaurant that has not changed it’s décor in over 50 years remains your favorite spot to frequent? How can a space have amazing food, but you feel as if you are eating in a laboratory or it is too sterile? Synthesizing and completing the story of a space is what I hope to provide as an Interior Designer.


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